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My Testimony is that This Program Works!

The Proof: Me (Danielle the creator and founder of this blog!)

I've gone through and am still going through the same struggles every mother experiences!
I am no different than you:
I am a mother of 2 baby's my oldest child is 2 years old and the youngest are 10 months!
I have no nanny, no regular sitter or grandparents that baby sit regularly
I do my own cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, errands,etc...
I have days where I don’t get a shower (lol)
I OFTEN find it hard to "feel like" working out
I have luck all times my kids wanting to go to the gym childcare , they love.
I try to eating "perfect" wrinting all in my book diary.

BUT, I look better and feel better now as a mother than ever before, just 10 months after the labor, and I want to share my success secrets with you!

2004 my year!

I always wanted to be mother, i dreamed with the face of my baby, every day...
One day...suprise!!!! i was pregnant.
It was then that I decided that pregnancy was "the greatest motivator for me to get in shape". I made a game plan in my mind for how I would lose all the baby weight after my pregnancy was over.
I was to try working out on the home gym, but i was so tired and sick...
I decided to wait one year and enjoy my pregnancy!
Kim , my girl was born and after four months, I came back to my work out!
I was very happy and really coming back my shape!
Then after my run one day I was horribly nauseous. I thought, "Yuck what did I eat? must be that salad at costco" Nothing bad, I was just pregnant!!!
Sure enough a month into it I began to notice positive change and then surprise! I was looking so good that I got pregnant again.
Now what? Well first I had to start eating again. Through the morning sickness, tiredness.
I decided again, to wait one year more...No way in the world could I workout. I had to save every ounce of energy I had to focus on my other Baby. My belly exploded in size and I kept trying to tell myself that it would be Okay,every day I thought… It's only a phase!
I was very busy with my first baby, I was tired and the entire night did not sleep well. I had gained about 20 pounds and was very ready to lose it all again. After my little boy was born, I fell into my former habits of eating hardly any food and doing lots of cardio. By four weeks after, I was already back to being thin and was working on getting thinner. My weight loss was so fast!!! I was pretty determined!
"the consistent strength training I did through my pregnancy had enabled me to recover from this pregnancy so much faster.
The muscle I had built made the 'baby fat" melt off my body!" I was excited by this revelation, but still didn’t follow through on the strength training. Instead, I used my now higher metabolism to get really thin. By four months after having my second child ( baby boy) I weighed 120 and thought I looked very good (but not really). I didn’t realize that by getting that thin my body was eating itself and causing me to lose the small amount of the muscle I had gained.

For a total of 2 years without work out...And 10 months I had either been just recovering from a pregnancy. I didn't want had lost myself in my motherhood.
That's when I decided I had to get a car, so I could go back to the gym. It was the best therapy month could buy! After three months back, I found myself. My competitive personality came back to life and now I would, beat the odds, and rebuild a better body than I had as a teen. My goal is to develop a national level figure physique in 5 short months!
The program I follow was designed by me, to specifically overcome the problems mothers encounter after pregnancy.

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